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About Us

Dinotyme's: Virgil & Friends!

Your number 1 family friendly entertainment providing both children and their parents with positive messages to enhance both emotional, mental and social development .


Virgil & Friends is the latest addition to Dinotyme Production's educational stage shows for children. They are professionally made puppets that perform for ANY crowd with our positive messages such as Anti-Bullying, Importance of Eating Healthy, Reading and being Kind to each and animals. You can see Virgil & Friends at Children's Museums, Kid Expo's and you can even have them at your own party or event!  Our shows are not just regular puppet shows. They are High Tech with stage lighting, full sound systems and special effects!  Depending on your budget, we can tailor the show to your needs, size of space and what type of show it is from birthday themed shows to educational shows in schools, malls or expos. All shows come with a sound system but we can do full stage shows in front of thousands with video projection, full sound, lighting and special effects such as snow, bubbles, smoke/haze, scent generators, lasers and more!

We're proud members of the National Capital Puppetry Guild, the National Organization for Music Education and Puppeteers of America.






For more information on Dinotyme's puppet and creature creations, please visit their website at


Our Mission


The Institute For The Performing Arts along with the Bill Carroll Foundation, inspires artistic expression and advances cultural literacy. Dinotyme honors America's rich, diverse and creative musical talent and heritage through active community engagement, teaching all ages the arts from the business side to the production and performance aspect creating hands-on participation in the visual and performing arts.

Meet Our Creative Crew

Bill Carroll

Audiovisual Engineer, Puppeteer, Executive Producer


Co-Founder of DinoTyme Productions & the Institute for the Performing Arts, Bill has more than 30 years of progressively responsible experience in marketing, education, entertainment and stage production and with Nickelodeon Live, Disney, Sesame Street Live, Cedar Fair Entertainment, Six Flags, ABC/MTV/CBS and hundreds of stage shows. Bill has spent most of his adult life being a Producer, Entertainer, FX Artist & Audiovisual Engineer that served not only the corporate world but also in a variety of industries including Broadway Theater, national entertainment companies, the United Nation's Audiovisual Dept., radio and television companies and also the military and defense sectors. 

Dani Masterson

Designer, Puppeteer, Executive Producer

Danielle Masterson is our Emmy Award nominated special effects make-up artist and is trained to create robust and impressive simulation effects for the TV and Film Industries. Her amazing special effects and heavily experienced make-up skills bring an incredible amount of talent to all of DinoTyme's productions.


For years she's been the makeup F/X supervisor for an FX Lab in New York and has worked on many TV series and film projects for horror, drama & real-life shows/films. Her extensive experience has also brought her talents to the stage of many regional and off-broadway theatrical shows for makeup and visual effects.

Brittany Walters

Puppeteer, Crew


Brittany Walters began acting in middle school. She continued her acting career through college where she studied Theatre and music at Bluefield College. During her time there, she performed in such shows as Crimes of the Heart, Little Shop of Horrors, and the Cotton Patch Gospel. Recently, she has performed in her first production with the Fredericksburg Theatre Ensemble, leading in their production of Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead. With an education in technical theatre as well, she served as stage manager in several productions in college as well as for the Fredericksburg Theatre Ensemble and the Haut-Vol Acrobatics company.


Actor, Crew



Virgil who loves the microphone and has entertained thousands and really lives to make people laugh, highly enjoys to entertain everyone not only by himself on stage but with all of his friends here too. His favorite dish is Lasagna cooked by Luigi, He also has a lot of fun making special appearances and meeting new people all the time!

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