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Our Characters

Bill Carroll & Dinotyme Productions Presents:
Virgil - The Baby T-Rex- "A Moment In Time"

Thousands joined Virgil & Friends on Dino Day at the Children's Museum in Richmond Virginia for 2 exclusive interactive shows. Virgil was part of their Dino Day that also featured "Buddy the Dinosaur" from the PBS Kids animated series, Dinosaur Train! 

Kids took part in the Paleontologist Dino Dig Discovery Education Extravaganza with the folks from the Discovery Channel. They also made a fossil with the Museum's very own Art Education Team and all got to visit with the museum’s own dinosaur, Seymour!


Meet Our Entertainers


A little mischievous for her own good, Pippin is vivacious, funny, edgy yet charming, sweet and friendly. She'll delight all ages with her witty ditzyness and infectious personality.


Our resident Italian Chef who LOVES to cook and make people eat and eat GOOD! He's high energy and is always ready willing and able to take you on a food journey when you experience him and his personality.


George is our friendly Monster who's low-key, lovable and loves lollipops! His quieter and relaxed personality makes him easy to approach and talk to. 


As we like to call the opposite of George since its George's twin brother. Blue is a little bit more gruff than his twin and is quick talker. A bit more higher energy than his brother but nontheless still cute and cuddly.


Virgil who loves the microphone and has entertained thousands and really lives to make people laugh, highly enjoys to entertain everyone not only by himself on stage but with all of his friends here too. His favorite dish is Lasagna cooked by Luigi, He also has a lot of fun making special appearances and meeting new people all the time!


He's the not so distant cousin of Blue and George.  He's so lovable and charming with his goofy orange nose and infectious laugh.  He just loves everybody!

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